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Mar 2019

M + M Show

With Randy away, it's just Mak and Mel on this installment of pod. We talk about spring break flying by and Mel running into someone she talked about on the show in real life. We also discuss rich people buying their kids into college (sarcastically surprised) and Mel wishes all the ladies could just get along. Happy St. Patrick's Day, ya drunken bastards!

Mar 2019

Adult Lunch

Howdy. We're back with a new episode with Spring Break on the horizon! We talk about what sports teams we pledge our allegiance to and our opinions on the R. Kelly interview. It's the freakin' weekend, baby I'm about to have me some fun. Too soon?

Feb 2019

Deep Stuff

Welcome to the new version of The Yak. We have a new member of the show: Mel! Listen in as we get to know her and force her to talk about heavy issues on her very first show. She definitely appreciates it. Plus we have stories from the NewsDesk and Mel's Lady Bits. Check it out!

Feb 2019

Hella Fun

Hope you're staying fresh, cheese bags. Plop yourself down and listen as Mak forgets what he wants to talk about in the first half of the show. Plus, we have a new comedy bit that may have failed miserably and the guys talk about good stuff to watch on Netflix. Have at it!

Jan 2019

Tonight Tonight

Hey yo. We're back and talking about Mak's cooking and Randy's gaydar. Also, Mak went on a not-so-good first date and Randy's wisdom teeth have to come out (just like he did). Happy New Year!

Dec 2018

Christmas Show

Merry everybody! Come on in and listen the holiday edition of The Weekly Yak. We discuss what we're doing for Christmas and the "proper" holiday salutations. We also talk about celebrities that were born on December 25th plus the top Christmas movies of all time. If this show doesn't get you in the holiday spirit then maybe something else will.

Dec 2018

Dad Christmas

Happy December, all! This show has your recommended daily allowance of what actor is playing Colonel Sanders and how a celebrity becomes a gay icon. Plus, we discuss robots and Randy having an altercation at the grocery store. Sounds like a winner.

Nov 2018

Porno Hit Man

Hello, or whatever. We're back and we're talking about Mak's bad luck lately. Also, Randy is joining in on the "making deliveries from an app" craze and we discuss whether or not Pete Davidson's joke on SNL was really that bad. Happy belated Veterans' Day!

Oct 2018

Thumbs Down

Hello friends. Listen in on this new pile of Yak as we discuss zodiac signs and the Senate race in Texas. We also talk about the origins of sports teams' names and Randy unveils his new segment about celebrity beefs. Have at it!

Oct 2018

Throwing Shade

Ahoy-hoy. We're back and coming out...of our cage and we've been doing just fine. Listen as we talk about National Coming Out Day and other gay trivia. Also, Mak has a new iPhone and a backseat that smells like caramel. Intrigued? You shouldn't be.

Sep 2018


Oh, hello. In this episode, Mak and Randy get to know more about each other. Plus, we somehow talk politics again and discuss Mak's first bad Uber experience. You're welcome.

Aug 2018

Ran The Man

Greetings friends. Newbie Randy is on the show and we pop his podcast cherry. Randy likes podcasts and he tells us about some of his favorites. Also, Mak is now an Uber driver because he has lost all respect for himself. Enjoy!

Jul 2018

Entertainment Space

Mak is on his own again this time. Join in as he talks about jumping on team Android and going to Dallas for work training. He also discusses a man who is TOO fond of dogs and 'Roseanne' continuing without Roseanne. How much more of this can you stand?!

Jun 2018

IHOb on My Knob

Mak is flying solo on this episode. He talks about moving the studio again and listening to some live, local music. He also discusses the recent IHOb(p) uproar and watches a nature video. Sounds pretty neat, huh?

May 2018

Everybody Pukes

Hello folks. Listen in as we discuss the NFL's new national anthem policy and mold in Mak's apartment. We also talk a little about scary movies plus hear Mak insult Jamie for her story-telling abilities. A good time was had by all!